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The Totally Made-Up Orchestra - a 15 minute walk

Saturday 27th April 2024, 1.30pm

Venue: Kevin Barry Recital Room, NCH

Tickets: €10

Multi-Concert Discount Packages available


The Totally Made Up Orchestra 

Members of the Public


Brian Irvine, composer / director

Brian Irvine A 15 minute walk in any direction and other new, unheard creations [world premiere]

A recurring highlight of the NMD lineup, The Totally Made Up Orchestra is a group like no other—blending composition, improvisation, words, sounds, movements, noises, gestures, humour and much head scratching in this unique and captivating performance.


Led by composer Brian Irvine, musicians and music lovers of any age, any instrument and any ability are encouraged to join this ‘beautiful, monster, music machine phenomenon’, the only requirements being a desire to be heard and to make music with others, an open mind and a big, creative heart. Come and be a part of it (see below to register), or book a ticket for the performance to hear the finished results!

Register to take part here: Musicians of all levels and all ages (we really do mean this!) are very welcome.

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