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Thursday 28th April
1.00pm: Totemic                                          READ PROGRAMME
3.00pm: Choral Sketches                           READ PROGRAMME
5.00pm: Études                                            READ PROGRAMME
8.00pm: PERSONHOOD                             READ PROGRAMME

9.45pm: Tonnta: An Evening Song.           READ PROGRAMME

Friday 29th April
12.30pm: Corcoran at NMD                        READ PROGRAMME
2.00pm: You Heard It First                          READ PROGRAMME

4.30pm: ICC Album Launch                       READ PROGRAMME
7.30pm: In Memoriam/In Celebration      READ PROGRAMME
11.00pm: Songs from the Brain Book        READ PROGRAMME

Saturday 30th April
11.30am: Brassfest at NMD                          READ PROGRAMME
2.00pm: Landscape Series                          READ PROGRAMME
3.30pm: Music for 5 Silent Poems              READ PROGRAMME
5.30pm: Putting it into music                       READ PROGRAMME
8.00pm: A Brief Descent into Deep Time  READ PROGRAMME
10.30pm: Diatribe - Jazz Triple Bill              READ PROGRAMME

Sunday 1st May
11.30am: Things That Never Die                  READ PROGRAMME
2.00pm: NCH Creative Lab Finale              READ PROGRAMME
5.30pm: Isabelle O'Connell, piano              READ PROGRAMME
7.30pm: Deliverance                                      READ PROGRAMME
9.30pm: The possibilities from here are endless            READ PROGRAMME
11.00pm: Colm O'Hara 10tet                         READ PROGRAMME


[REACTIONS]                                                   READ PROGRAMME

Ulysses                                                             READ PROGRAMME

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