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Image of man with brass instrument and music score


Thursday 20th April

close up image of Andrew Zolinsky

Andrew Zolinsky, piano & electronics

Elizabeth Hilliard looking up to the sky in a red dress holding a music score

Great Women at Richmond Barracks

Wide shot of group of performers on a stage in low light

Crash Ensemble:


Image of text on a computer screen

Canto Ostinato, for Live Electronics

Close up image of a man and a woman looking directly into camera

Natural World

Group of men and women dressed in black looking up in the air in a room with white walls

You Heard It First

Orchestra with conductor on a stage during a performance

NSO & Chorus

Close up image of Roger Doyle

Scenes from iGIRL

Friday 21st April

Saturday 22nd April

Man dressed in black with his arms outstretched


Fat Chair I

Man in a beige suit standing in the aisle of a church

All that is solid melts into...

Four people standing looking at the camera dressed in dark clothes


Teenage boys dressed in black singing

Considering Matthew Shepard

Chamber Choir Ireland members singing

Chamber Choir Ireland: Poets, Passion & Peace

Sunday 23rd April

man dressed in black playing a muscial instrument

Acts of Balancing & Unbalancing

Wide shot of a group of men and women looking at the camera with a large silver structure in the background

Ensemble Modern: Open Grounds

Wide shot of a boat on the water with icebergs and white mountains in the background

RTÉ CO: ...Antarctica calling...listen

Fish-eye shot of a group of performers playing instruments

Crash Ensemble:

Can Music Be Kind

Installations Throughout the Festival

Close up image of a woman at a microphone

Ban Bam Screenings

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