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Everyday Wonders

Sunday 28th April 2024, 1.00pm

Venue: Main Stage, NCH

Tickets: €12

Multi-Concert Discount Packages available


Cór Linn

Cór na nÓg

Ciarán Kelly, Cór Linn conductor

Mary Amond O’Brien, Cór na nÓg conductor

Carole O’Connor, piano accompanist

Bogdan Sofei, solo violin

Des Lacey, percussion

Ferdia Ó Cairbre Today is Here (2023) [world premiere]

music by Ferdia Ó Cairbre.
words Fr. Eddie Fitzgerald and Lena Amond.

Ferdia Ó Cairbre For Our World (2024) [world premiere]

music by Ferdia Ó Cairbre (New Music Dublin commission)
words by Mattie Stepanek (age 11)

Gracie Gilmartin A Lullaby (2024) [world premiere]

music by Gracie Gilmartin
words by James Agee

Ollie Lambert The Lake Isle of Innisfree (2024) [world premiere]

music by Ollie Lambert (New Music Dublin commission)

Cecilia MacDowell Everyday Wonders: The Girl From Aleppo (2018)

music by Cecilia MacDowell
words by Kevin Crossley-Holland.
Solo violin: Bogdan Sofei

Nick Page A Promise I Will Keep (2006)

music by Nick Page
words by Nick Page and Nita Penfold

NCH Choirs Cór Linn and Cór na nÓg make a welcome return to the festival with their usual mix of entertaining yet thought-provoking repertoire, in a performance showcasing the very best of youth music-making.


At the heart of this concert, Cecilia MacDowell’s haunting Everyday Wonders - The Girl from Aleppo tells the incredible true story of disabled Kurdish teenager who fled from Aleppo with her sister to start a new life in Germany. Performed alongside Nick Page’s emotive A Promise I Will Keep and three world premieres – NMD commissions from Ferdia Ó Cairbre, Ollie Lambert and Cór Linn teenager Gracie Gilmartin – this is sure to be an uplifting and engaging Sunday afternoon at NMD.

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