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Diatribe Stage:
there will be no silence

Thursday 25th April 2024, 1pm

Venue: Kevin Barry Recital Room, NCH

Tickets: €15

Multi-Concert Discount Packages available BUY HERE

Adrian Mantu, cello

Rolf Hind, piano

Aisling O’Sullivan, actor

Owen Roe, actor


David Downes there will be no silence (2021)

poetry by Adam Wyeth

there will be no silence is a meeting point between music and poetry - a call and response between instrument and voice where the language of music and the strain of words converge. Portraying an intricate dance of connection and disconnection, this collaborative work by Emmy-nominated composer David Downes and acclaimed poet Adam Wyeth reveals the complex inner workings of a couple’s shared shadow world.


Bringing to life the unspoken words, regrets and longings of a relationship through diverse facets of sound, musicality and silence, legends of the stage and screen Owen Roe and Aisling O’Sullivan are joined for this lunchtime performance opening NMD 2024’s multi-venue Diatribe Stage by Rolf Hind, one of the greatest contemporary pianists of today, and Adrian Mantu, renowned cellist and founder of ConTempo Quartet. 


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