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Changing States

Saturday 27th April 2024, 9.30pm

Venue: The Studio, NCH

Tickets: €17.50

Multi-Concert Discount Packages available


Crash Ensemble

Susan Doyle, bass flute*

Leonie Bluett, clarinet

Roddy O’Keeffe, trombone*

Barry O’Halpin, electric guitar

Alex Petcu, percussion

Andrew Zolinsky, piano^

Eliza McCarthy, piano / keyboard*

Larissa O’Grady, violin*

Joanna Mattrey, viola*

Kate Ellis, cello

Caimin Gilmore, double bass^

Malachy Robinson, double bass*

Caimin Gilmore, live electronics

Ryan McAdams, conductor*

Adrian Hart, audio producer

Dan Tapper, visuals*


^ Boundary Bourrée

* Cryptid

Bekah Simms Cryptid (2024) [world premiere]

Antti Auvinen Boundary Bourrée (2024) [Irish premiere]

Changing states in music, society and politics provide the inspiration for this programme from festival favourites Crash Ensemble—featuring the world premiere of Cryptid by Bekah Simms, written during her time as Composer in Residence with Crash, and the Irish premiere of Finnish composer Antti Auvinen’s Boundary Bourrée.


Described by the composer as ‘blurring the sonic relationship with the ensemble and its electronic doppelgangers to create a strange and surreal composite creature’, Cryptid is a work truly for and about the world-class musicians of Crash: representative colours and skins stitched into a single creature. Programmed alongside Auvinen’s incisive musical reflection on shifting boundaries, this promises to be another fascinating evening at NMD with one of Ireland’s foremost new music ensembles.

While this performance is not specifically designed toward individuals with sensory sensitivities, sensory packages will be available on request. These packages contain items to help with sensory processing for those with noise or light or other sensitivities. Packages will be available in the Carolan Room for a nominal refundable rental fee.


Cryptid was commissioned by Crash Ensemble with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, and was written during Bekah’s time as Composer in Residence with Crash Ensemble.


Boundary Bourrée was commissioned by Tampere Biennale.

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