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This concert launches the new Diatribe release Études with Jill Richards playing Kevin Volans and Volans playing Liszt.


Thursday 28th April


Room 103, NCH

Jill Richards, piano 

Kevin Volans, piano 

Kevin Volans Étude 1 (‘92, rev. ‘03) * 

Kevin Volans Étude 2 (‘98, rev. ‘03) * 

Kevin Volans Étude 3 (‘97, rev. ‘03) * 

Kevin Volans Étude 10 (Glosa a lo Divino) (‘06, reworked 2022, World Premiere) * 

Kevin Volans Étude 8 (‘87, rev. ‘08) ** 

Kevin Volans Vanishing Point (‘22, World Premiere) ***

* Jill Richards (piano)
** Kevin Volans (piano)
*** Richards + Volans (piano four hands)

“By refusing to repeat himself or anyone else, Volans remains one of the planet’s most distinctive and unpredictable voices.” Kyle Gann - Village Voice New York 

This concert launches the new Diatribe release Études with Jill Richards playing Kevin Volans and Volans playing Liszt. Richards and Volans present a programme of Volans' virtuoso piano music, including the world premiere of a new major duet Vanishing Point.

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