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New Music Dublin is Here! 

Over the next four days, NMD 2024 travels through more than 23 events

from the main-stage ambient music mastery of A Winged Victory for

the Sullen all the way to Mariam Rezaei’s virtuoso turntablism;

from Aoife Ní Bhriain and Liam Byrne’s ancient music

reborn in The Harmonic Labyrinth to ADVERT, Laura Bowler’s

right-up-to-date exploration of the contemporary self;

from the youthful voices of Cór Linn and Cór na nÓg in Everyday Wonders 

to Ann Cleare’s exploration of deep time with Crash Ensemble

in TERRARIUM; and it stops off at many many places in-between.

NMD 2024 is - as always - jam-packed.
It is also - as ever - wildly eclectic.


My long-suffering team here at New Music Dublin wonder where both my preference for putting together an insanely hectic programme and my general delight in eclecticism come from, and I guess they both come from the same place. The only criterion I have when I ask artists to make new works for NMD is that I shouldn’t be able to imagine in advance what they’re going to make, because for me, surprise and enchantment in the new is the very essence of creativity - the delight in making something that has not been thought of before. And because the number of people making genuinely creative new work here in Ireland is far, far more than can be fit in to one festival, the festival schedule is crazy-packed with as many new things as possible (I have already apologised to the team!).


To help everyone to be able to see as much as possible, and to reduce the cost burden of seeing so many different events, we have also introduced a number of multi-ticket package deals: please do take advantage of them. You will find them available when you book.

You’ll also notice that I also like to throw in the occasional reminder of good things that we may have missed the first time around, to provide a bit of context and extra depth. However - fundamentally - we are here for the new adventures, the experiences we don’t know of, the ideas that we’ve not come across before and the challenges that we didn’t know we might want to accept.


Here, there is something new for everyone, and everyone is very welcome at New Music Dublin 2024!

John Harris
Festival Director

Our heartfelt thanks to Aisling Coyle / Andrew Smith / Anthony Long / Benedict Schlepper-Connolly / Brian Irvine and the Valiant Members of the Totally Made up Orchestra / Brian Lynch / Caroline Feehily / Catherine Kirby / Cathy Stokes / Chamber Choir Ireland /  Ciara Higgins /  Ciaran Kelly / Crash Ensemble / David Collins / Declan Smyth / Derek O'Connor / Diatribe / Eimear Reilly / Ergodos / Everyone at the Contemporary Music Centre / Everyone in Cór na nÓg and Cór Linn / Evlana / Evonne Ferguson / Garrett Sholdice / Gary Sheehan / Graham McKenzie / Harry Martin /  Ian Smith / The Improvised Music Company / Jennifer Phillips / Joanne Taaffe / Joe Csibi / John O’Kane / Jonathan Pearson / Karlin Lillington / Kerry FitzGerald / Kevin Sommerville / Kieran Tobin / Kirkos / Laura Bowler / Lesley Bishop / Linda O'Shea Farren / Luke Clancy / Majella Hollywood / Marc Geujon / Marco Blaauw / Mark David / Marjie Kaley / Mary Amond O'Brien / Mary Sexton / Matthew Jacobson / Molly Keane / Musici Ireland / Everyone at the National Concert Hall / The National Symphony Orchestra / Niamh Walsh / Nick Roth / Patricia Flynn / Patrick Hahn / Paul Hunt / Phoebe Nevins / Rachel Thomas / RIAM / Robert Kearns / Robert Read / Rosemary Collier / Rosita Wolfe / The RTÉ Concert Orchestra / RTÉ Culture / RTÉ Lyric FM / RTÉ Radio 1 / Sebastian Adams / Siân Cunningham / Toner Quinn / Universal Music /  Everyone in every department at the Arts Council / All the composers / All the performers / All the technicians / … and everyone else who has made this festival possible. We thank you and salute you!

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