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Date: Saturday 22nd April 

Time: 1.30pm

Venue: Main Stage, National Concert Hall

Tickets €14 (€5 Concessions)

The Totally Made Up Orchestra with the National Symphony Orchestra
Brian Irvine
, composer/director

Brian Irvine FAT CHAIR I

Combining the full National Symphony Orchestra on stage with the notorious any-age-any-instrument-any-ability collective that is the Totally Made Up Orchestra, FAT CHAIR I is a unique non piece devised and led by composer Brian Irvine.

This performance explores the wild, extraordinary constructs that are allowed to form when far-apart forces and philosophies collide. In the words of Irvine himself, FAT CHAIR I is ‘an “inside out” piece, an open-armed family, a construction, a game, where the extraordinary mechanisms of connecting enable deep hidden and captivating sound worlds to exist and float with all the majesty, awe, danger and presence of icebergs’. Come along to this lunchtime concert to discover for yourself what this means!

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