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[REACTIONS] Film Screenings

Venue: Foyer, National Concert Hall

Tickets €FREE - Just pop in! 

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[REACTIONS] composers & piece titles

Sebastian Adams - 2021.4 - trombone,  transducer, tam-tam ***
Ena Brennan - Runaway **
Siobhan Cleary - The Dust Veil ^
Rose Connolly - Who are we now?  ***
Diamanda La Berge Dramm - Arena ***
David Fennessy - JACK *
Deirdre Gribbin - Provoked City *
Rachael Lavelle - This is the Space Between Your Hand and Mine *
Bébhinn McDonnell (SYLK) - Disruption *
Anselm McDonnell - Cross Purposes *
Anna Mieke - Groundwork ^^
Anna Murray - CROSSTALK *
Jonathan Nangle - Sotto voce ***
Sean Ó Dálaigh - Proximity Studies *
Amy Rooney - Pendulums and Sundials *
Steve Shannon (Mount Alaska) - One Day *
Bekah Simms - Stone or Rot ***

*Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Adrian Hart
**Recorded & edited by Adrian Hart - Mixed by Éna Brennan, Adrian Hart & Brian Bolger - Mastered by Brian Bolger

***Recorded & edited by Adrian Hart  - Mixed & mastered by Brian Bolger
^ Recorded by Adrian Hart  - Edited by Siobhán Cleary & Adrian Hart - Mixed by Siobhán Cleary, Adrian Hart & Brian Bolger - Mastered by Brian Bolger
^^  Recorded by Adrian Hart - Edited by Anna Mieke - Mixed by Anna Mieke, Adrian Hart & Brian Bolger - Mastered by Brian Bolger


Performed by: 

Crash Ensemble - 

Susan Doyle, flute
Léonie Bluett & Deirdre O’Leary, clarinet
Roderick O'Keeffe, trombone
Brian Bolger & Barry O'Halpin, guitar
Alex Petcu, percussion
Larissa O'Grady & Diamanda Dramm, violin
Lisa Dowdall, viola
Kate Ellis, cello
Malachy Robinson & Caimin Gilmore, double bass

An honest, human and emotive response for now and the future.
Amidst the onset of the global pandemic, Crash Ensemble commissioned Irish & International composers from a range of musical backgrounds to write new works for duos within the group
Building on existing collaborative partnerships and cultivating and nurturing new relationships, composers were invited to create a musical response to their experiences, the current state and their thoughts for the future.
Each composer documented their creative process with text and imagery, offering a fly on the wall view of the composers’ studio spaces, visual imagery and text journaling during the creative process. The duos were recorded and filmed and this audio visual material was combined to make an accompanying film by Crash’s resident filmmaker, Laura Sheeran.
These films will be shown for the duration of the festival, in the foyer of the National Concert Hall.

Musicians - Crash Ensemble
Recording Edited, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Adrian Hart
Video - Laura Sheeran

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