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Baile Átha Cliath Pailliún Aeir i bhFoirm Oscailte

When: Throughout New Music Dublin

Venue: Merrion Square

Robert Curgenven’s “Baile Átha Cliath Pailliún Aeir i bhFoirm Oscailte” (Dublin Open Form Pavilion of Air) is an audiowork which uses sound and site-mapping to offer a playful renewal and reframing of public space as an essential place of engagement for the community. Inspired by Polish architects Oskar & Zofia Hansen’s “Open Form” architectural concept (ca. 1959), the audio work is presented as a Pavilion without walls - a roof made from sound - that is heard to extend across the public space of Merrion Square.


By traversing different zones within the park using your mobile phone, the Echoes app and headphones, you become a participatory listener producing a composition in real-time as your navigation creates a unique choreography via GPS, combining and changing sounds mapped within the site through the app. A new layer of experience is rendered within Merrion Square as the simplicity of the invisible roof and the absorbing physicality of its sound transforms the location and its context. The Pavilion has no visible presence outside the app and can only be accessed and enjoyed on-site in Merrion Square

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