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NMDX: New Music Dublin eXchange 2022

Virtual NMDX
Date: Wednesday 27th April
Venue: Online | by invitation

Various face-to-face sessions throughout NMD 2022
The Carolan Room | by invitation
Hosted by The Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland and New Music Dublin 

Currently in its fourth year, NMDX is CMC’s international networking programme embedded in the New Music Dublin festival, to which representatives of some of the most significant national and international contemporary music festivals, venues, programmers, promoters and broadcasters are invited.  This year, NMDX will consist of both a one-day virtual networking event on Wednesday, 27th April and various face-to-face sessions throughout NMD 2022. 

NMDX aims to expand the reach of contemporary music from Ireland both nationally and internationally, and to encourage programming of the work of composers from Ireland in venues and festivals both at home and abroad, as well as through international and online broadcasts.  Building on the past three years’ programmes, NMDX 2022 will capitalise on the opportunity provided by the festival to showcase the work of those active in contemporary music in Ireland to a delegation of strategically-selected national and international presenters and broadcasters.  

Having had an opportunity to experience the range of concerts being offered by the New Music Dublin festival in 2022, international and national delegates will have an opportunity through the online and face-to-face networking sessions of NMDX 2022 to create many new connections across the spectrum of composers and performers of contemporary music from Ireland, and to build on existing connections and partnerships established at NMDX over the past three years.

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