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The Studio at NCH


Decoder Ensemble

Leopold Hurt, e-zither

Inigo Miranda, keys

Sonja Lena Schmid, cello

Carola Schaal, clarinets

Alexander Schubert, sound / electronics

Jonathan Shapiro, drums / percussion

Laura Bowler, voice

Julia Rehme, tattoo artist

Sam Redway, co-director

original text by Sam Redway

Laura Bowler ADVERT (2023) [Irish premiere]

‘Triple threat composer-performer-provocatrice’ Laura Bowler’s ADVERT is an exploration of the ‘self’ in the context of an increasingly tribalist society. Fusing music, multimedia, staging and physical performance it wavers between truth and fiction, extreme openness and fragmented memories—confronting the tension between needing to advertise a particular selfness to our desired tribe and longing for authenticity.

‘The sheer energy behind it is irresistible,’ wrote Andrew Clements in The Guardian after the work’s 2023 premiere—for which Bowler was joined, as she is for our late-evening NMD performance, by Leipzig-based artist and tattooist Julia Rehme and the innovative, unpredictable Decoder Ensemble. 

Drawing on autobiography alongside original words by Sam Redway and texts from several other writers, this deeply personal interrogation of identity and selfhood exposes a vulnerability that, literally, draws blood.

Content warning: this performance contains video projection of tattooing taking place live on stage, including blood and skin damage

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