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Fresh Start - New Music from Australia

New Music by Australian composers, commissioned & recorded during the pandemic by ABC Classic including two by First Nations artists 

Sunday 25th April



The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Fresh Start Fund was initiated as a response to the COVID shutdown of live arts and TV production activities, as part of which the Classic and Jazz Music strand of the Fresh Start Fund commissioned 25 new works/collections of works, including projects from Australian First Nations artists. 

New Music Dublin is delighted to present four of these works as part of our 2021 programme, as the first step in what we hope will become a long-term collaborative artistic relationship with new music-makers in Australia over the coming years. Even though we are unable to journey to each others' places, we can still travel together with them through our music-making. 

The four works presented are: 

William Barton and Veronique Serret: Kalkani (Eagle) (2020) 

Nardi Simpson: Of Stars and Birds (2020) 

Andrew Batterham: Trumpet Concerto (2020) (2nd Mvmnt) 

Natalie Nicolas: The Shift (2020) 

This presentation is made possible with the generous help and support of ABC Classic. We are very grateful indeed for the assistance and guidance of Stephen Adams, Janine Marshman, Gail Henry, Ian McGlynn, Genevieve Lacey, Paul Mason and Patricia Flynn.

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