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Chamber Choir Ireland

Celebrating some of the best contemporary choral music from Ireland in recent years!

Sunday 25th April



Chamber Choir Ireland 

Andrew Synnott, Conductor 

David Fennessy (Ireland b. 1976) chOirland 

Caroline Shaw (USA b. 1982) and the swallow (Irish premiere) 

Pablo Ortiz (Argentina b.1956) Leaving Limerick in the Rain (EU premiere) 

Rhona Clarke (Ireland b.1958) A Bit of Nonsense (World Premiere) 

Ed Bennett (Ireland b.1975) No Noise, Nor silence (but one equal music) (World Premiere) 

David Fennessy (Ireland b.1976) Ne Reminiscaris (Remember Not) 

Siobhán Cleary (Ireland b. 1970) Theophilus Thistle and the Myth of Miss Muffet 

Headlining the programme with David Fennessy’s chOirland – written for Chamber Choir Ireland in 2002, the programme is made up of everything from John Donne to nonsense text and tongue twisters. 

Programmed by CCI’s Artistic Director, Paul Hillier, and following on from CCI’s 2021 St Patrick’s Day series ‘Celebrating Irish Composers’, we revisit some of the highlights of Chamber Choir Ireland’s Irish commissions with Siobhán Cleary’s Theophilus Thistle and the Myth of Miss Muffet, and David Fennessy’s Ne Reminiscaris from Triptych – recorded on the Naxos 2020 release Letters, and introduces the world premiere of Ed Bennett’s No Noise, Nor Silence (co-commissioned with Music For Galway/Galway 2020) and Rhona Clarke’s A Bit of Nonsense, as well as the Irish premiere of Caroline Shaw’s and the swallow and Pablo Ortiz’s Leaving Limerick in the Rain with text from Richard Blanco’s poem of the same name.

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