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Music for 5 Silent Poems

Date: Saturday 30th April 2022

Time: 3.30pm

Venue: Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall

Tickets €12

Read Programme Notes Here


George Higgs, Playing taped body sounds via sampler
Jessica Kennedy, Performing silent sign language poems
Billy O'Brien, Piano
Rossa O'Neil, Trombone
Brian Kelly, Double bass

George Higgs Music for 5 Silent Poems - 5 multisensory compositions for body language, piano, trombone and double bass  [World Premiere]

The composer has written 5 gestural poems for a signer to perform with an accompanying score for trombonist, pianist, double bassist and sampler. The performance will be videoed and streamed live on Instagram and will include a discussion recorded for the Contemporary Music Centre's 'amplify' podcast. 


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