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Date: Saturday 24th April

Time: 11am 

Will be available to watch for free here on Saturday 24th April, 11am

Duration: 1hr

Ruth Morley, flute
Laura Bowler, vocalist

Deirdre McKay Postcards from a Fragile Planet
Ellie Cherry Unearthing your Emotions in Four Phases
Carmel Smickersgill More
Laura Bowler Wicked Problems

Gaia is the Greek Mother Earth goddess. 

New works celebrating our natural world by Laura Bowler, Deirdre McKay and Carmel Smickersgill. 

Deirdre McKay's Postcards from a Fragile Planet responds to the current climate emergency.

Carmel Smickersgill's More explores the relationship between a dependent and the person or thing on which they depend. 

Wicked Problems sets text from Timothy Morton’s Dark Ecology. The flute and voice find themselves entangled in loops, gasping for air and incessantly thrown forward into the uncertainly interminable. Many thanks to Timothy Morton for his permission to set this extract of text. 

Co-commissioned by sound, New Music Dublin, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Royal Northern College of Music. Supported by PRS Foundation's Beyond Borders programme.

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