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Crash Ensemble - Wingform

The world premiere of Wingform, a new commission by Crash from composer-in-residence and guitarist Barry O’Halpin.


Date: Saturday 24th April

Time: 8pm

Venue: Live streamed for free from Smock Alley

Duration: 70 minutes

Crash Ensemble
Ryan McAdams


Barry O'Halpin Wingform

Jack Phelan, visuals

‘Wingform’ (2017–2020) is an hour-length work in four movements, with solo electric guitar passages as connective tissue. It serves as the culmination of Barry O’Halpin’s period as Crash Ensemble’s composer-in-residence, alongside his first few years as Crash guitarist.

“Wingform teems intensely with a living energy, taking full advantage of Crash’s unique ability to cover a breadth of musical ground: winding melodies, mechanical rhythms, rapid lines and hypnotic drones. The work combines an experimental and highly personal approach to the electric guitar with a fascination toward the contrasts and uncanny commonalities between ‘wild’ sounds in nature and human-made music and machinery, juxtaposing these elements in vividly surreal ways.”

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