Crash Ensemble Micro-Pieces

Date: Monday 19th -  Friday 23rd April

Watch a new micro piece each day in the run up to the New Music Dublin Festival. 

Learn how to invent instruments, discover new sounds, explore your instrument and imagine, interpret and create new music.

Join members of Crash Ensemble and students from St Ultans’ Primary School, Ballyfermot for a series of 5 bespoke workshops to explore new sound worlds and develop your own musical style through graphic notation.


1. Invent

2. Explore

3. Develop

4. Create

5. Perform

Upload your performance to social media with the tag #NMD2021




St Ultans’ Primary School Pupils - Presto Project







Teacher - Mairead Deiseach

Crash Ensemble -

Lisa Dowdall

Kate Ellis

Caimin Gilmore

Roddy O'Keeffe

Alex Petcu-Colan


Video - Juraj Jablonka