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All That Is Solid Melts Into...

Date: Saturday 22nd April

Time: 10.00pm

Venue: Mercy International Centre (MAP)

Tickets €14

Robert Curgenven, composer/performer, pipe organ & electronics

Open Form Pavilion of Air series - Aria 1 [NMD commission, world premiere]
Unstable Steady States (A/B/C) [ Richard Thomas Foundation Commission, world premiere]
Tailte Cré-Umha (Bronze Lands) Part 1
Open Form Pavilion of Air series – Aria 2 [NMD commission, world premiere]


Delve into detailed acoustic architectures that harness the tactile materiality of air at this immersive, late-evening performance by Robert Curgenven in the Mercy International Centre.

Composed and performed by Curgenven, All That Is Solid Melts Into... traverses detailed close-listening through to full body physical immersion. Multiple tuning systems are simultaneously heard via a multichannel diffusion, underscored by the nuanced dynamics of the Mercy pipe organ, all within the chapel's intimate and limited seating

New work "Unstable Steady States" acknowledges the support of the Arts Council of Ireland's Music Commission Award, APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund (Australia) and the Dublin City Council Arts Office residency


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