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Date: Thursday 28th April 2022

Time: 5.00pm

Venue: Room 103, National Concert Hall

Tickets €12

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Jill Richards, piano
Kevin Volans, piano

Kevin Volans Étude 1 (‘92, rev. ‘03) *
Kevin Volans Étude 2 (‘98, rev. ‘03) *
Kevin Volans Étude 3 (‘97, rev. ‘03) *
Kevin Volans Étude 10 (Glosa a lo Divino) (‘06, reworked 2022, World Premiere) *
Kevin Volans Étude 8 (‘87, rev. ‘08) **
Kevin Volans Vanishing Point (‘22, World Premiere) ***

* Jill Richards (piano)
** Kevin Volans (piano)
*** Richards + Volans (piano four hands)

“By refusing to repeat himself or anyone else, Volans remains one of the planet’s most distinctive and unpredictable voices.” Kyle Gann - Village Voice New York 

This concert launches the new Diatribe release Études with Jill Richards playing Kevin Volans and Volans playing Liszt. Richards and Volans present a programme of Volans' virtuoso piano music, including the world premiere of a new major duet Vanishing Point

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